My Stroke (Part II)

flyfishing - poststroke

When we last visited, I had presented the portrait of a 57-year-old man (myself) who brooded over heart attacks, cancer and diabetes,  but who ended up surprising the living crap out of himself by having a stroke. (For what it’s worth, one of my home-state senators, Mark Kirk, had a nearly identical, right-side carotid, dissection stroke.)

I noted in my previous post  that Dr. Richard Munson, the attending neurologist at the time I was admitted to the ER, informed me that  after reviewing images from the CAT scan conducted on me minutes after I was designated CODE STROKE,  my cerebral infarct (aka stroke) was triggered by a tear, or dissection, in my right carotid artery that subsequently started “throwing clots” (Munson’s words), one of which took a totally unauthorized detour to the area of my brain known as the “right parietal lobe.”  Now I wouldn’t presume to speculate on…

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