Photo Gallery

In my haste to post my “Let me Drive” installment, I neglected to break up the miles of scrolling text with any graphic elements, or “art,” as we called it in the magazine business. So here’s a hodgepodge of mainly fishing photos and a couple of fun shots of sisters, Mary, Theresa, Kathleen, honorary sister Karen Cosgrove (brother Bill’s wife, and son Chris’s wife, Chihiro, and wife, Suzanne.

20160623_070754 (1)

Smallmouth bass, Lake Geneva, Wisc., 2016


Smallie-largemouth combo, Lake Geneva, Wisc., 2016


Good friend and guide Jimmy Templin, Lake Geneva, Wisc., 2016


Smith’s pond, straddling the Illinois-Wisconsin border,2016


Another Smith’s Pond Largemouth, 2016

IMG_4555 (1)

Mugging it up on front porch in Evanston, Ill. 2016


Okay, really! Try to be serious!

IMG_4547 (1)

Theresa throwin’ a little love at me.


Children of the Sun — Theresa, Mary and Kathleen


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